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Beit Yitzchak: An important building which was originally constructed as a Jewish religious center in the Old City of Jerusalem in the mid-19th century, The Moskowitz Foundation is sponsoring the rehabilitation of the synagogue for public use in Jerusalem.

The building is one of three large and elegant synagogues constructed in the old city during the 19th century, and following the Six-Day War in 1967 was returned to Israel's control. The Moskowitz Foundation is sponsoring the reconstruction and restoration of the synagogue due to its historical, archaeological, urban and architectural importance. The synagogue, when completed, will be used for regular services and will be open to general access as well.

yitzchak synagogue ottoman period
Ohel Yitzchak Synagogue, Jerusalem, Old City Ottoman Period, 1860-1870. View of the
compound from the northwest.

Hebron Archaelogical Excavation: Hebron and Jerusalem represent the Jewish roots of the Jewish State of Israel. The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation has been and continues to be a supporter of a massive archaeological excavation in Hebron. Thousands of artifacts have been discovered lending invaluable insight into the era of the Patriarchs.

hebron archeological excavation

Bnei Netzarim: This new town in the Negev is cultivating 1,500 acres of desert land, turning it into an amazing organic Israel vegetable farm. Today the Community of about 600 people (and growing) is building homes and community structures.

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation is pleased to help fund the building of the Central Synagogue and Cultural Center now in construction.

bnei netzarim bnei netzarim